Shrieking and struggling in vain: a horrific omnibus accident

Our dramatic illustration shows a tragic accident that took place in Dublin in April 1861.

The Illustrated London News reported:

A line of Favorite omnibuses has been established for several years from the General Post office, Dublin, to Roundtown, running through Rathmines and Rathgar. On Saturday an omnibus left Roundtown at nine o’clock, and arrived at the usual time at the canal-bridge, to which there is a sharp ascent on both sides. The driver pulled up to let out a passenger on the bridge. While the conductor was taking the fare the omnibus began to back down the incline towards Rathmines. In the effort to get on the horses, which were fresh and spirited, one or both became restive, the pole got entangled in the harness, the driver lost control over them, the omnibus continued to back up on the road towards Portobello Barracks, and then, turning rather sharply round, it was pushed violently up the rising ground to the lock basin, bursting and passing through the wooden railing; and before any assistance could be rendered the omnibus, horses, and all, were precipitated into the canal.

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