How To Buy
How To Buy

Personal, non-commercial uses (£5 per illustration)

• mount and frame, create greeting cards and stationery
• illustrate newsletters, family histories, reports, school projects, university dissertations

Commercial uses (standard charge of £15 per illustration)

You are free to use an illustration in a book or magazine, for advertising and publicity, or as part of a film or broadcast, including repeats and associated publicity materials. Please credit us (

Multi-use Licensing: Please contact us for a quotation if you wish to use our images for applications such as the printing of multiple T-shirts, mugs, or board games.

We do not grant you permission to resell one of our illustrations as an image file, either on disk or as a download. You are not authorised to add our images to an online or printed picture library for resale purposes.


When you have chosen your illustration(s), simply follow the screen prompts through to the checkout.

We accept PAYPAL payments, payment by CREDIT CARD, and BACS.

If you wish to pay by BACS, please email us first with your order. We will then invoice you and email you your high-resolution jpeg(s) direct.

Downloading your illustration

Once you have made your Paypal payment, you will be sent an email with a Download Code link. Click on the link, and your chosen illustration will be immediately downloaded to you.

Not found what you want?

We are always pleased to search for particular illustrations. Our office is packed with volumes covering a multitude of subjects from all periods of history. Here are just a few of the 'Cs' we can supply: cafés, cookery, courting couples, circuses, Canada, cossacks, canoes, Chartist riots, children, coaching, criminals, canals, cheetahs, China, cockatoos, cricket, croquet, carpenters, cutlers, coal mines, cycling, chimneysweeps, charcoal burners, clerks, cobblers, corner shops, cottages, crofting, child labour … we have thousands of quality ills, A to Z.

All our pictures are original illustrations drawn in Victorian times, scanned from books, magazines and newspapers sourced by us, and part of our own collection. They are to the very best of our knowledge out of copyright.