Hoping for a love letter

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Your download illustration: a standard jpeg greyscale image file (300dpi, around 3mb) for making quality A4-size prints. Apply colour or tint the background in any design program.

Victorian illustration to download showing a picture of a young woman and a village postman. Wearing a smart dress, jacket and feathered hat, and carrying a parasol, the young woman watches hopefully for a love letter as the postman looks through his bundle. He wears a top hat and gaiters, and his post bag is slung over his shoulder. His expression is not optimistic. In the background the young woman’s father walks down the village street, not noticing his daughter’s hopes for love and romance. This illustration was engraved from the painting ‘The Village Postman – “Nothing, I’m afraid, this morning, Miss” ‘ by William Hemsley (1819-93), a successful painter of genre scenes.


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