Holidaymakers on the beach

Victorian illustration to download showing a seaside holiday scene full of incident, including a troupe of minstrels. A large crowd enjoy themselves on the beach. In the centre the minstrels sing and play banjo, drum and tambourine. On one side two young women and their chaperone enter a bathing machine; on the other a minister and his assistants sing hymns. The scene includes (on the left) a dairy woman with her milk can, a ‘Champagne Charlie’ character in a top hat, boys hoping for a ride on a donkey or in a goat cart, a woman persuading a young man to buy her wares, and a young man flirting as he holds a young woman’s wool for her to wind; and (centre and right) slick young men joking with one of the minstrels, children with bucket and spade, a man reading the journal ‘Nature’ while a boy tries to sell him a guinea pig, and an old woman trying to sell seaweed to a young woman wearing a lorgnette (collecting seaweed was a favourite hobby in the Victorian era). Many of the men wear dust veils round their hats. From highly detailed double-page original, so can be printed effectively at large sizes.