Hoar Frost: Trees and Church in Winter

beautifully drawn Victorian illustration showing a picture of a frosty winter scene: trees frame a church.

Hardly more beautiful are woods and trees

In summer’s gay exuberance than now,

Brightening a sunrise, while a gentle breeze

Plays through the ringlets gracing Nature’s brow,

And kindling radiance glows o’er hills and leas.

The short-lived glory of the glittering rime

Illumes the weeping willow and white birch

With rich fantastic forms, and the tall lime

Is robed in affluence, while the ivied church

Wears jewels as it rings the morning chime.

The crisp white clothing, elegantly chaste,

Melts into diamonds exquisitely bright,

Flashing in sunshine brief – but fall in haste,

Thawed into genial rain-drops, pure as light.  (Benjamin Gough)