Game of snapdragon at Christmas party

#Picture Number LP223

Your download illustration: a standard jpeg greyscale image file (300dpi, around 3mb) for making quality A4-size prints. Apply colour or tint the background in any design program.

Victorian illustration to download showing a picture of men, women and children playing a game of snapdragon at a Christmas party. The room has been darkened. On a table is a large tray in which are raisins and brandy. The brandy has been lit. The game is to snatch as many raisins as possible from the flames. The players look excited, apprehensive or amused, their faces lit by the flames. One little boy is in the act of snatching a raisin, while a man licks his scorched finger. In the background a bunch of mistletoe is just visible behind an open door. The tradition was that the person who took the most raisins would meet their true love within a year.


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