Costume, Dress and Fashion

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Victorian illustration showing policemen of the Metropolitan Police learning cutlass drill at Wellington Barracks. Formed in two long lines, they…

Victorian illustration showing a young woman and a village postman. She is watching him going through his bundle, hoping for…

Victorian illustration to download showing two men in a Chinese opium den; one drowses while the other lights his pipe.

Victorian illustration showing morris dancers performing in front of a village inn. The landlady brings out a jug of ale…

Victorian illustration of harvest time. Men using pitchforks load the sheaves on a horse-drawn wagon.

Victorian illustration showing a dramatic picture of a man demonstrating fireproof clothing. He emerges unharmed from a blazing building wearing…

Victorian illustration showing a scene typical of British India, early morning breakfast or chota hazri. Two men lounge on a…

Victorian illustration showing a sailor getting an electric shock from a machine in a science museum. A crowd look on…

Victorian illustration showing a ballerina wearing a full, short dress dancing on stage with her partner.

Victorian illustration showing hop pickers at work in a hop field. Men gather the hop poles, women pick the hops.

Victorian illustration showing two monks. One plays a harpsichord, the other sings, following the music from a large illuminated book.

A horse and its jockey are cheered by a fashionable crowd after winning a horse race.

A young boy shoeblack points out a portrait of his benefactor, Lord Shaftesbury, to a younger street urchin.

Maypole dancers perform on the lawn at Cremorne Gardens, Chelsea, watched by a well-dressed crowd.

A Scottish piper wearing kilt and plaid plays his bagpipes to welcome the laird and his wife back to their…

Two policemen find an abandoned baby on a quayside; in the background is the grief-stricken mother.

A fireman rescues a little child from a burning building. Surrounded by smoke and flames, he has climbed a ladder…

Well-dressed people attend a flower show; one woman smells the roses. The women's dresses have frills, flounces and bustles.

Drummer girl: young woman dressed as a soldier beats a side drum.

Woman circus performer jumps through hoops from the back of a horse.

Victorian picture showing early 19th-century scene of man sitting while two boys investigate his pockets.

Charming Victorian picture to download showing a drawing of a young woman msaking hay.

Victorian picture to download showing a drawing of four rustic men playing violin, wind instrument and drum.

Lighthearted Victorian picture to download showing a drawing of a young couple riding on the beach.

Victorian picture to download showing a drawing of a large group of men runners wearing striped singlets.