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1 benfotiamine should not be confused with allithiamine, a naturally occurring thiamine disulfide derivative with a distinct pharmacological profile.

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High dose intravenous benfotiamine therapy 100mg kg for 14 days appears to benefit cardiac function in streptozotocin-induced diabetic mice independent of age formation.

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Benfotiamine supports diversion to different pathway benfotiamine was shown to have a positive influence on age formation and pkc activity.

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Benfotiamine helps reverse insulin resistance that is caused by eating fried or broiled foods.

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Benfotiamine has been shown to help maintain healthy advanced glyvation end age activity to help support vascular, nerve, eye, and kidney health.

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these mechanical defects may be reversed with a 2-wk treatment of benfotiamine, while the thiamine derivative itself exerted little effect on cardiac mechanics in control cardiomyocytes.

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