About Your Picture
About Your Picture

Your chosen illustration, skilfully restored

Have you ever scanned a Victorian line illustration? If you have, you’ll probably have been very disappointed by the result. The white page margin around the image will show as a dull grey, and the illustration will be smothered in spots and dust marks. Any print you make from this ‘raw’ original will be flat and uninspiring, and a world away from the Victorian original.

Click here to see a 'before and after' Victorian Picture Library illustration.

We spend time digitally restoring our illustrations, carefully removing the dust and marks of age, brightening highlight areas and adjusting shadow and contrast levels. The final scan of your chosen image will have all the crisp sharpness of the Victorian artist’s original.

A good number of our images have been chosen from Illustrated London News volumes. These illustrations were expertly drawn and engraved, mianly on wood but occasionally on steel, by Victorian artists at an astonishing speed. They were also printed at a furious rate to keep up with weekly or monthly publishing schedules. Often large-size illustrations were divided into sections, each worked on by a different engraver. These component woodblocks were then combined and bolted together for the final printing. As a result you may find a slight misalignment, particularly in the sky areas of an image. However, we have repaired these imperfections as carefully as we can.

You may find an illustration marked ‘from a small original’. This means it was scanned from a very small original, and may not print at our customary high quality to A4 size. However, we felt that because of its particularly interesting content it was worthy of inclusion in the picture library.

Your Download Illustration (£5 non-commercial, £15 commercial, worldwide)

About Your PictureYour download illustration will be in the form of a standard jpeg image file. It will have a file size of around 3mb, and a resolution of 300dpi (the standard resolution specified by the printing industry).

Your illustration will be supplied as a greyscale image and will print by default in black and white. You can make good quality A4-size prints on both inkjet and laser printers. Make sure you select the highest quality print setting on your printer - it makes a huge difference to the final quality of your image.

Colouring or tinting your picture

If you have InDesign, Quarkxpress, Microsoft Publisher, Paintshop Pro, or some similar design program you can colour your illustration. You can also add a tinted background.